Inpro 2017

The best solutions and products presented by the exhibitors.

The objective of the competition is to recognise the best devices, products and services offered by the exhibitors. The competition winners will be free to use the logo and the name of the award in their promotional, advertising and informational campaigns, without any restrictions.  awards will be presented to the winners at 12:00 pm on 8 April 2017, the second day of the GasShow & Autoservice Expo 2017.



Associate Professor Engineer Jacek Dybała, Warsaw University of Technology
Professor Engineer Wojciech Gis, expert of Motor Transport Institute of Poland
Jarosław Zagożdżon, chairman of Polish Autogas Coalition (KNRA)
Robert Łapiński, Idea Ahead company owner, organiser of the International GasShow & Autoservice Expo 2017

1. The event aims to identify the best devices, products and solutions displayed by the exhibitors. The competition winners are allowed to use the logo and name of the award for advertising and information purposes without any limitations.

2. The awards will be presented at 12:00 pm on 8 April 2017, the second day of the GasShow & Autoservice Expo 2017, in the following categories: Innovative Product; Innovative Technology; Newcomer 2016; Expo Stand Design.

3. Every exhibitor at GasShow 2017 can submit 1 selected product from their range. Submissions are limited to companies which exhibit at the 2017 GasShow.

4. The net entry fee is EUR 190, which must be paid to the organiser with a pro forma invoice within 7 days from the date of submission.

5. The jury will evaluate entries in each category using a 1-6 point scale until 17 March 2017 to determine up to 5 nominated products / services in each category based on the highest overall score. They will publicly announce the nominated products / services on 21 March 2017.

6. Between 18 and 24 March, the jury will evaluate the nominated products / services in each category again using a 1-6 point scale to determine the winners of each category. If more than one product / service receives the same score in one category, multiple main awards will be presented for that category.

7. The jury may request the participant to supplement information about the submitted product / service until 8 March of this year. The request should be sent by email to the address specified in the submission form. The exhibitor then has 5 calendar days to provide the jury with the information. Failure to supplement the information within that period means that the exhibitor decides not to present any additional information about the submitted product / service.

8. Items 5-7 above do not apply to the Expo Stand Design category. In this case, the jury will nominate entries and select the winner on 7 April, the first day of the 2017 GasShow, based on the expo stands which are entered into the competitions and displayed at the GasShow & Autoservice Expo.

9. During the presentation ceremony, the nominated participants in each category are presented and then followed by the winner, who receives the main award for that category. All the nominated participants receive certificates of recognition. Every nominated participant also has 5 minutes to present their submitted product / service on the stage during the award presentation ceremony. The product / service owner may decide not to present their submission. The participants willing to present their submission should notify the organisers by 24 March 2017. Failure to do so means opting out of the presentation.

10. Entries should be submitted by 3 March 2017 using this FORM

11. Submitting an entry means acceptance of the above terms and conditions in full.

12. Any questions should be submitted to


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